General Article Submission Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines when submitting an article for publication:

Content must be in line with our mission of keeping Christ first and honoring God in all things. Language must be pure, without profanity, references to profanity or any innuendos to anything unholy.

Article Submission
All articles must be submitted through a local division of One Christian Voice for publishing.

Articles must not be written for the purpose of promoting a person, product or service. Being subjective without the underlying intent to promote a person, product or service promotes the legitimacy of your content to the reader.

Powerful, pithy content is attractive to today’s readers. We therefore recommend a length of approximately 750-1,200 words. Longer submissions may be divided into more than one article.

Documents with a simple font, such as Times New Roman, are the most convenient standard for us. You may also simply paste the article in the body of an email.

Please include verifiable contact and credential information with all submissions. We will include a short, one to four sentence bio sketch of the author with each published article. Company affiliation as it relates to the article (one mention), and social media contacts are permissible in the author bio only. Reference to specific products, services or proprietary techniques is prohibited.

If you have previously published this article through another publisher, please be sure to obtain permission for reprint before submitting the article to One Christian Voice.  One Christian Voice is not responsible for obtaining permissions for your article submissions. For articles that are donated to One Christian Voice, we would love to include a link-back to your blog or to the original publisher of the article. Please include all necessary information in your original submission.

Use of Content
Submission of any content to One Christian Voice signifies permission to publish the content in any or all of our affiliate sites, including the 365 Day Bible or any of One Christian Voice’s news sites.

Content Guidelines for Publishing

We publish articles on topics that directly effect the Christian community, including news and information about local churches and Christian organizations, stories of faith, government as it effects the Judeo-Christian community, devotionals, sermons and a great variety of other subjects that are directly related to the Christian faith.  Our recipe section is the only area that deviates from this focus.

We welcome articles in the following subject areas:

  • Events that take place at Christian organizations
  • Events that are Christian in nature but take place in secular venues
  • Stories about people living out their faith
  • News about anything happening that relates to the Christian community
  • Magazine type articles that are related to Christianity


One Christian Voice is a news forum that delivers information through the lens of Christ’s love and precepts. We do have a slant, and that slant is God’s ways that do not change over time. We honor God in all things, not forsaking His unchanging ways, but overlaying them with the love of Christ.