Photo by Anne Bosworth

An estimated 20,000 people streamed in to the football stadium at Florida Atlantic University to hear the message of hope that Nick Vujicic brought to the people of South Florida.  Every parking lot on the campus was full and traffic was stopped in all directions, from Yamato Road to south of Palmetto Park Road with people trying to get to this evengelical event.

Hundreds streamed down to the front of the stadium dedicating their lives to Christ after hearing the emotional and inspiring message that Nick preached.

Photo by Anne Bosworth
Photo by Anne Bosworth

The night opened with the energetic worship music of The Elliott Band, a modern-rock worship band from ​Pacific ​Northwest who travels around the world with Nick.

After telling the story of how he came from a place of hopelessness and desperation, living his life without limbs, Nick proclaimed that “God loves each and every one of you.” He explained how our loving Father wants to help us and support us by comparing His love to a father’s love for a child.  If your one year old, learning to walk was coming towards you, you wouldn’t knock him down. You would help him. That’s what our Father wants to do for us. He wants to help us.

Photo by Anne Bosworth

Churches and Christian organizations from Ft. Lauderdale to Palm Beach Gardens, including One Christian Voice and about twenty others were represented in booths at the entrance to the stadium. A spirit of unity and fellowship was evident as the church representatives met, mingled and exchanged ideas and information.  Calvary Chapel and Christ Fellowship were key players in making this event a success through their financial support and promotion of the event.

As the evening came to a close Nick announced that he believed “something new is happening in South Florida,” and suggested that he would be returning to Florida for more of what took place on this night.



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