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Roe v Wade Verdict: Church Divided on Reaction

After almost 50 years, the US Supreme...

Estonian Christians Pray for Peace in Ukraine

Photo: Historic Center (Old Town) of Tallinn,...

Christians Pray for Nigeria Amid Attacks

Thousands of Christians gathered for a prayer rally in Nigeria in protest of the nonstop terror attacks by Fulani militants.

A Book Recommendation

A Book of adventure, within the first five percent of this best seller is romance, deception, murder, giants, global floods, war, family feuds, human sacrifice, brother selling brother, famine and the heroic rescue of a nation by one slave.

A Book of beauty, the Bible is literary genius in poetry and prose, magnifying the joy and wonder of nature and her Creator.  Art, science, history and world predictions are embedded throughout…from the origin of man to the mysteries revealed long before scientific discovery…that our planet is round and not flat (Is. 40:22) and that it free floats in the atmosphere (Job 26:7)…that there are mountains beneath the sea (Jonah 2:6)…that oceans have predictable currents (Ps 8:8)…that nuclear fission is possible (2 Pt. 3:10)…that mold (Lv.13) or certain foods (Dt. 14:8) can be toxic and deadly…that the growing life within a mother’s womb should not be exposed to dangerous toxins such as alcohol (Jg. 13:7).

From business to medicine to modern psychology, principles for living were described long before popular authors coined them as their own. That growing rich slowly is the way to achieve long term success (Pr. 13:11)…that stressful living leads to poor health (Pr. 14:30)…that addiction and abuse become generational problems (Ex. 20:5); all of this was written long before any human theories were formed. How many more facts, principles and Words of wisdom await scientific discovery of their truths?  How blessed are those who blindly trust and obediently follow these ancient Scrolls that record the Words of God Himself to His own creation.

This fascinating, informative Book, filled with light and life from the mouth of the One who created us, is personal communication to us: love to the broken-hearted, encouragement to the down-trodden, wisdom to the wayward, life to the lost, and personal, tender Words from Father to child, Sibling to sibling, Friend to friend.

Did our Lord, who created curiosity and who created us for relationship not leave breadcrumbs that lead us on a path to Himself; buried treasure to promote lively and intriguing study and conversation about Himself?  As a lover thinks of, dreams about, and talks incessantly of his beloved, so we also can discover the wonderful mysteries of our Beloved through conversation with Him, thoughts about Him, and study of Him, alone and in discussion with others.

The Bible, written in the language of God; foreign to fools, but wisdom to the wise, is a Book for both the reverend and the rookie.  Inexhaustible mysteries of God and His ways, His creation, and His ancient and timeless advice for living are revealed with fresh insight for each new day.  He has wrapped Words of life and love in His Book and has gifted it to His beloved Bride; to ponder, to discuss, to inspire and to share this great gift with others.

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