A Bangladeshi Catholic editor flee her country for the United States for safety.

Sixty-seven year old Rosaline Costa has left her native country amid threats to her life, Christian Daily reports. She left behind her family and her 30-year legacy as the editor of Hotline Bangladesh. She said she’d rather not go back to her home country while persecution among Christian minorities remain high.

Hotline Bangladesh is Costa’s crusade for ethics, fairness and tolerance in a society where religious violence has risen in last few years. The monthly newsletter has exposed corruption, crime, terror and religious violence in the nation.

Costa disclosed that threats against her were due to the editorials she wrote denouncing the rising religious violence in the country. She filed a police report on the incident but they didn’t do anything. “The police did not want to take a report,” she said.

Costa now lives in New York City with her two nephews and a niece whom also left Bangladesh last year after they had been harassed and threatened.


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