I’ll Push You Documentary in Theaters November 2nd, 2017

It would seem Justin and Patrick were destined to be friends — their parents were friends in college and Justin’s great uncle was Patrick’s grandfather’s best man in his wedding.
Inspirational ‘Basketball or Nothing’ leads August streaming lineup

Inspirational ‘Basketball or Nothing’ leads August streaming lineup

Sports movies have a special place in the American culture. Perhaps that’s because Americans naturally root for the underdog -- the subject of most sports flicks. Or perhaps that’s because...
REVIEW: ‘Venom’ needs a moral compass. Is there any hope?

REVIEW: ‘Venom’ needs a moral compass. Is there any hope?

Have you ever wondered why superhero movies are so popular? Perhaps it’s because we enjoy watching people with other-worldly skills fly through the sky. Or maybe it’s because we relish...

Avengers: Infinity Wars Movie Review

There are no better words to best describe Avengers: Infinity War other than an emotional thrill ride. Thanos plans to use powerful artifacts to render the earth of everything he deems unworthy and inflict the universe to his twisted will at the snap of his fingers.

Light the World Benefit featuring Amy Grant

Amy Grant performed at ACL's Moody Theater in Austin on Sunday December 9th as part of The Bless Foundation's 2018 Light the World benefit.

To Romance Your Wife, Consider Her Love Language

Husbands, if you want to introduce a little romance this Valentine’s Day, stop and consider your wife’s Love Language. Blogger Ashley L. Jones goes through each of the 5 Love Languages as identified by author Gary Chapman, and suggests ways you can show your wife you really love her.
REVIEW: ‘Stan & Ollie’ is a marvelous tale about friendship

REVIEW: ‘Stan & Ollie’ is a marvelous tale about friendship

Laurel and Hardy were one of the top comedy duo's of the 1900s. But Hardy and Langdon? No so much. That forgotten tandem lasted one movie. Still, Stan Laurel...

‘Ice Dragon-Legend of the Blue Daises’ Producer Bruce Stacey Talks to NCV

Melody, a gifted young dreamer and her feisty friend Leif, must set aside their differences and use the power of magical Blue Daisies and an ancient Song to save...

A Mary Like Me, by Andy Lee

We all need Jesus in our lives. In A Mary Like Me, we meet three Mary’s in Jesus’ life. Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary, who sat at Jesus’...

Hillsong UNTIED Wonder Album Review

Hillsong UNITED’s sixth studio album "Wonder" provides a mellower yet perfect tone reflecting on the majesty and unconditional love of Christ.
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