Canadians Denounce Religious Symbol Ban for Govt Staff

Several faith groups in Canada denounced a bill that would ban civil servants from wearing religious symbols.

UK Cathedral Scraps Entrance Fees to Reach More People

Coventry Cathedral in England announced that it has scrapped admission fees in an effort to reach more people. In 2010, the cathedral started charging $8 (£6) per adult visitor to...

Iraqi Christians Return to ISIS-destroyed Parish

Thousands of Iraqi Christians fled their homes when ISIS took over Mosul in 2014. After more than two years, the militants has fled the town as Iraqi forces liberated...

California’s Assembly Approves AB 2943—Religious Liberty May Be Threatened

On Thursday, April 19, California's Assembly approved AB 2943 by a 50-18 vote. AB 2943 bans books, conferences, and counseling advocating Christian theology of gender and sexual orientation, threatening religious non-profits, churches, and pastors who provide paid resources to help people practice their faith.

Americans Send Help to Syrian Refugees

Aleppo was once the largest city in Syria and the country's industrial and financial center. However, the ongoing 5- year war in the country has devastated the city and...

“Family Comes First” for Most Americans, Pew Research Says

In a recent survey from Pew Research, results show that almost 70% of Americans said their family is their top source of meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction in their lives. Religion...

Algerian Church Closed Down for Illegally Printing Bibles

Local authorities shut down a church in Algeria on November 9, 2017 after accusing the church of printing religious publications illegally, reports World Watch Monitor.

Ghana at the Heart of Global Christianity

Professor Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu of Trinity Theological Seminary in Accra said Ghana is at the center of a wave that puts West Africa at the heart of global Christianity. The...

A Papal Allegation with Hellish Implications

Last week, several news sources, including The Guardian, reported a shocking comment allegedly made by Pope Francis. The Vatican quickly shifted into full-blown crisis management and scrambled to contain the fallout and take counteractive measures (see article in the National Catholic Reporter).

Brennley Brown’s Faith Shines on Hit TV Show The Voice

The music industry is not the best place to find positive female role models. In fact, it’s hard not to fall for the idea that depravity and raunch rule in the modern popular music culture. This is why Brennley Brown stands out, shining the light of her faith like a city on a hill.
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