Austin Disaster Relief Network

Today ADRN works with more than 200 local churches, training volunteers across 12 different sectors of the city. These volunteers are being prepared to respond to a tragedy, to meet people at their point of greatest need.

One School Board Election will Impact Our Entire Nation

The Douglas County, Colorado School Board may determine the fate of faith based school choice for the entire nation.

What Christians Can Learn from Passover

The Jewish foundation of the church is only a shadow, and the Passover tradition is something Christians can embrace. It isn’t a coincidence Christ chose Passover to reveal his divinity and God’s plan

New Zealand Tops List of Commonwealth Countries with Religious Freedom

According to the study by the Council for Christians and Jews (CCJ), New Zealand is the country where people are the most free to practice their faith, compared to...

Faith Leaders Urge Europe to Return to Christian Roots

Catholic and Orthodox leaders gathered in Paris last month to talk about the threat of terrorism and the value of religious freedom. During the 5th European Catholic-Orthodox Forum, 12 delegates...

Thousands of Catholic Youths Celebrate Faith in Poland

Thousands of young Catholics in Poland and from other countries gathered on June 3, 2018 to celebrate their faith. The 22nd Lednica Youth Meeting is Poland's largest annual meeting of...

Christians Around the World Celebrate Easter 2018

Christians all over the world culminated the 40-day Lenten season with various activities on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. Thousands of Christians traveled to Jerusalem to celebrate Easter. Garden Tomb,...

Spread of Christianity Highly Influenced by Power—Study

A major study on the history of Christianity found that political power, and not poverty, caused the spread of Christianity around the world. A team of researchers examined how Christianity...

Christians in Algeria Denounce Government Clamp Down on Religion

Christians in Algeria cry foul over the growing pressure against believers in the predominantly Muslim country. To promote and preserve Islam, the Algerian parliament passed a law in 2006 which...

Muslim Refugees Converting to Christianity to Remain Safe

The UK Telegraph reports that many Syrian refugees are converting to Christianity in order to find safety in Lebanon. The refugees claimed that they decided to be followers of Christ to benefit from the humanitarian aid distributed by Christian charities and to help their asylum applications to other countries.