Nepalis Christian Population on the Rise

The number of Nepalis converting to Christianity is at an all-time high, claimed the World Christian Database. From zero Christian in 1951, there are now more than 375,000 Christians...

Report Reveals almost 300 Million Christians Persecuted Worldwide

One out of seven Christians in the world, or about 300 million, live in a country where there is some form of persecution because of their religion. They face...

The 12 Worst Countries for Christians

International Christian Concern (ICC), a Christian watchdog based in Washington, recently released a list of countries where Christians are facing the worst persecution, World Religion News reports. An estimated 40,000-70,000...

Iran Closes Down 100-Year-Old Church

Persecution of Christians in Iran intensifies as authorities tore down the cross before forcibly shutting down a church in the city of Tabriz.

USCIRF Issues 2019 Report, Lists China as Top Religious Freedom Offender

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) released on April 29, 2019 its annual report on religious freedom worldwide. The report found that China is the worst country to be a Christian.

New Bible Published to Help Catholics in Scriptural Knowledge

A new Bible was designed by Bible scholars to help Catholics “make sense” of the Scripture and change the perception that studying the Scripture is a practice of Protestants. The...

Bangladeshi Catholic Editor Flees for the US

A Bangladeshi Catholic editor flee her country for the United States for safety. Sixty-seven year old Rosaline Costa has left her native country amid threats to her life, Christian Daily...

Christians Flock to Bethlehem

Thousands of Christians from around the world gathered in the biblical town of Bethlehem for Christmas Eve celebrations ahead of a midnight mass. Despite busy work schedules and the...

Church in Syria Holds First Service after Six Years

Christians said prayers for the first time in six years inside a broken down church in eastern Syria, reports online news website The Arab.

Christian Girls in Colombia Forced into Marriage

Christian girls living in far-flung communities in Colombia are being forced into marriage to make them renounce their faith.
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