Christianity Not Dying Out, but Atheism is at Risk — Study

A new study has contradicted perceptions and recent predictions that Christianity is on a decline and could be dying out, the Christian Post reports.

China Detains Pastors for Helping N.Korean Refugees

Chinese police arrested two South Korean Christian pastors, accusing them of helping North Korean defectors to leave China, United Press International reports.

Knights of Columbus Donates Millions to Aid Persecuted Christians

The Knights of Columbus donated an additional $1.9 million in humanitarian aid as it continues to support the Christian refugees in the Middle East, reports LifeZette.

Over 80 Chinese Christians Arrested for Worshipping

Persecution watchdog, China Aid, reported that more than 80 Christians have been arrested after police authorities raided a network of house churches. Police invaded the Fangcheng Fellowship in northwestern Xinjiang and arrested the Christians in early January, days before the Lunar New Year.

Christianity is Growing in Bangladesh Despite Persecution

Official statistics showed that the religious composition in Bangladesh is 89.1% Muslim, 10% Hindi and less than 1% Christian. With a population of 156 million, Bangladesh is named the...

Catholics and Jews To Hold Joint Art Exhibit

Vatican Museums and Rome's Jewish community will hold its first ever joint art exhibit from May 15 to July 23, Religion News Service reports. The exhibit, titled "Menorah: Worship, History...

Islam to be the World’s Largest Religion by 2070 — Research

According to the latest research of the US-based Pew Research Center, Islam will take over Christianity as the largest religion in the world by 2070. Currently, Islam is the world's second-largest religion (after Christianity), but it is the fastest-growing major religion.

Council Approves Multi-faith Assemblies in British Schools

A Labor-run London council has become the first in Britain to allow state schools to provide multi-belief assemblies, The Mirror reports. All state-funded non-faith schools in Britain are required by...

Faith Leaders Urge Europe to Return to Christian Roots

Catholic and Orthodox leaders gathered in Paris last month to talk about the threat of terrorism and the value of religious freedom. During the 5th European Catholic-Orthodox Forum, 12 delegates...

Iraqi Christians Raise a Giant Cross

A group of Iraqi Christians has raised a giant cross outside the city of Mosul on a village recently liberated from ISIS, Crux reports. The cross was erected on a...