Youths in Papua New Guinea Urged to Continue Christian Traditions

A ritual in Papua New Guinea for girls coming-of-age became a platform for a parent to urge young people to uphold cultural and Christian practices.

Mega Christian Convention Held in India

Thousands of Christians gathered in India for Asia's largest annual Christian congregation. The 1255th Maramon Convention is held in the small town of Maramon in Kerala, India which began on February 9th and will end on the 16th.

Christmas Celebrations Banned in West Sumatra

Christians in the province of West Sumatra in Indonesia are banned from holding Christmas services in private homes.

Bring Back Holidays, Says UK Equalities Chief

The Equalities and Human Right Commission (EHRC) of the UK said employers should stop ruining Christmas for workers through fear of offending people of other faiths, The Independent reports. EHRC...

Iranian Pastor Released From Prison After 6 Years

Iranian Pastor Behnam Irani has been freed after spending six years of imprisonment in Iran, Mission Network News reports. "Irani has been released from prison and is now free," confirmed...

India Bible School Shut Down by Hindu Nationalists

A vacation Bible school in India was forced to suspend its operations on May 1, 2018 after it received threats from suspected Hindu nationalists. Victory and Light Prayer House in...

Church Must Learn to Live with Persecution –Nigerian Bishop

A local bishop in Nigeria blamed the government's inaction for the ongoing violence against Christians in the north, reports The Tablet. In a speech before a delegation of the Episcopal...

Christian Millennials Reawaken Faith in Israel

Covenant Journey is a US-based non-profit organization that provides trips to Israel for deserving Christian students aged 18 to 25. It sponsors the pilgrimage to the Holy Land to...

Rwandan Bishops Apologize for Catholic Role in Genocide

The Catholic bishops in Rwanda have issued an apology for Christians' role in the 1994 genocide, National Catholic Reporter said. The apology was read November 20 in the parishes...

Israel Grants Gaza Christians Entry to Christmas Sites

The Israel government reversed its previous decision and allowed Christians from Gaza Strip to visit Christmas sites during the holidays.