Mission Brings Jesus Closer to North Africa

The Spanish Bible Society takes advantage of the summer to distribute the New Testament through various Spanish sea ports such as Melilla, Tarifa and Algeciras which thousands of travelers use to go to and from Europe.

Millions of Christians Celebrate Easter

Millions of Christians around the world celebrated Easter on Sunday. Many gathered in churches to join the ceremony on the day most Christians consider as the most important holiday of the year.

Pakistan Prosecutor Offers Acquittal for Christians’ Conversion

Forty-two Christians in Lahore, who were accused of murder, claimed that a senior Pakistani prosecutor has been blackmailing them. They disclosed that the prosecutor offered them their acquittal if they convert to Islam, The Hindu reports.

Bible for the Deaf Launched in Cape Town

The Bible Society of South Africa (BSSA) has launched a Bible for deaf people in the country.

Iran Minister Admits Growth of Christianity; Summons Converts

The Islamic Republic of Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi admitted publicly that Christianity is spreading in different parts of the country.

Animation Unites Christian Faith and Pro-Environment Themes

An animated movie is first to be nominated for best short film at the eight annual Catholic Film Festival, Mirabile Dictu. Message of the Animals is a nine-minute film which uses...

Christians Flock to Bethlehem

Thousands of Christians from around the world gathered in the biblical town of Bethlehem for Christmas Eve celebrations ahead of a midnight mass. Despite busy work schedules and the...

Council Approves Multi-faith Assemblies in British Schools

A Labor-run London council has become the first in Britain to allow state schools to provide multi-belief assemblies, The Mirror reports. All state-funded non-faith schools in Britain are required by...

4,000 Runners Joined the Bible Marathon in Israel

The annual Bible Marathon held on October 18 in Israel drew 4,000 athletes from all over the world who traced the ancient path ran by a Benjaminite during the battle between the Jewish people and the Philistines.

Berlin Criticizes Christmas Ban at German School in Turkey

The administrators of an elite Istanbul high school have ordered teachers to stop telling students about Christian- and Christmas-related content in German language classes. This sparked another diplomatic row...