300 Million People Use This Bible App

Three hundred million people are now using a popular Bible App called YouVersion, according to Premier.

Church of Sweden to Use Gender-neutral Terms for God

The Church of Sweden decided in November, 2017 to drop the terms "He" and "Lord" to refer to God when conducting services.

Church Must Learn to Live with Persecution –Nigerian Bishop

A local bishop in Nigeria blamed the government's inaction for the ongoing violence against Christians in the north, reports The Tablet. In a speech before a delegation of the Episcopal...

Pakistan Prosecutor Offers Acquittal for Christians’ Conversion

Forty-two Christians in Lahore, who were accused of murder, claimed that a senior Pakistani prosecutor has been blackmailing them. They disclosed that the prosecutor offered them their acquittal if they convert to Islam, The Hindu reports.

World’s Oldest Person Thanks God for Longevity

Working hard and eating healthy, 117 year old Aunt V. is an active member of the church. Since her baptism 104 years ago, she has served in various ministries, doing nearly everything in church.

Poland asks Church to Protect Poles in the UK

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda has written to church leaders in Britain asking them to counter “intolerance and xenophobia” exposed in attacks on Poles living there, Catholic Herald reports. The Polish...

First African Study Bible Launched

Theologians from different parts of Africa gathered in Sandton, Johannesburg on June 4 to launch the first ever African Study Bible, Times Live reports.

UNESCO Rejects Israel’s Sovereignty over Jerusalem

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) passed a resolution rejecting Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem, Al Jazeera reports.

Bangladeshi Catholic Editor Flees for the US

A Bangladeshi Catholic editor flee her country for the United States for safety. Sixty-seven year old Rosaline Costa has left her native country amid threats to her life, Christian Daily...

Three Iranian Christians Appeal Flogging Sentence

Three Iranian Christians are to appeal a sentence of 80 lashes they received for taking communion wine, Sight Magazine reports. They were charged with "acting against national security" and...