Bangladesh Christians Celebrate their Faith Amid Persecution

Catholics in Bangladesh gathered in Chittagong last month to celebrate the country's 500 years of Christianity.

Robot Spider on Canadian Cathedral Drew Mixed Reactions

A giant robot spider became famous when it was used in a performance at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa, Ontario on July 27. Named Kumo, the robotic spider was...

UK Govt Urged to Prioritize the Protection of Christians

A report calls for the UK government to implement stringent policies to protect Christians all over the world.

New Pilgrimage Route Opens in Scotland

A new pilgrimage route from North Berwick to Lindisfarne in Scotland has been launched on October 22, 2017, East Lothian Courier reports. Five Pilgrim Ways are being developed in Scotland,...

London Bankers Find Comfort in Jesus

In times of uncertainty, bankers in London find stability through their faith. St. Peter's Barge, a floating church on the River Thames, ministers to bankers and insurance brokers in the...

Church in Syria Holds First Service after Six Years

Christians said prayers for the first time in six years inside a broken down church in eastern Syria, reports online news website The Arab.

Thousands of New Christians in Brazil

After an 8-day mission in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Louisiana Baptists shared that there is widespread revival in churches, communities, prisons and schools in this South American country.

Egypt’s Christians Given Equal Leave for Pilgrimage

Egypt's High Constitutional Court has ruled on Saturday that Christian civil servants should be entitled to the same rights as Muslims, who receive a stipend to go on the Hajj, RT reports.

Archaeologists Believe Newly-discovered Caves Contain more Dead Sea Scrolls

According to archaeologists, two newly-discovered caves located near Qumran in the West Bank in Israel may contain more Dead Sea Scrolls. The caves referred to as 53b and 53c...

Café Churches Booming in Seoul

Coffee shops built near churches in South Korea are on the rise to attract more parishioners, especially the young adult population.