Researchers Turn to the Bible to Perfect Translation Algorithms

Most believers find comfort and spiritual guidance by reading the Bible, but for researchers at Dartmouth College, they found the book to be the ideal tool to improve translation...

Sri Lanka Easter Bombings Kill Hundreds

Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka was marked not by the celebration of Jesus' resurrection, but with a series of gruesome suicide bombings in several churches and hotels, killing 290 people.

Americans Send Help to Syrian Refugees

Aleppo was once the largest city in Syria and the country's industrial and financial center. However, the ongoing 5- year war in the country has devastated the city and...

Bombings at Egyptian Churches Left at Least 44 Dead

Suicide bombers attacked two separate Coptic churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday, leaving at least 44 dead and more than 100 injured, Egyptian Streets reports. The first attack was at...

China Opens Christian Park, Sparks Outrage

A new Christian theme park--the largest in China--is set to open in June 2017. The Xingsha Ecological Park will be in a sprawling 150,000 square meters in Changsa, the capital of central China’s Hunan province, and features a 260 foot tall Christian church in the middle of the park, The UK Daily Mail reports.

Christmas Celebrations Banned in West Sumatra

Christians in the province of West Sumatra in Indonesia are banned from holding Christmas services in private homes.

‘Anti-Christian’ Hostility in France Condemned

Religious groups condemned the series of attacks against churches in France. To date, there are nearly a dozen incidents of hostility in Catholic churches across the country.

Official Vows to Rid of China’s Christianity

China claims that the West is using Christianity to influence its people and challenge the ruling Communist Party.

Pakistani Official Downplays Christian Persecution

A Pakistani official dismissed reports of Christian persecution, comparing them to knife crimes in the UK. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said accusations of Christians being treated harshly in Pakistan are nothing more but exaggerations.

Christianity in China Continues to Rise Despite Sinicization

Christians in China continue to grow in number despite the government's crackdown on Christianity.
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