One fifth of Dutch Churches No Longer Used in Worship

One in five church buildings in The Netherlands are no longer used for worship. Dutch newspaper Trouw found that several churches are now converted for secular use.

UK Church Bans Yoga Because It’s Non-Christian

Parishioners denounced a church's decision to ban yoga from its premises because it's non-Christian, The Telegraph reports.

Christians Denounce Brazilian Pres for Amazon Fires

Christians from different parts of the world denounced the Brazilian president for his anti-environmental policies amid the ongoing Amazon fires.

French Church Reopens after Priest’s Murder

The Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray church, the church where a priest was murdered by teenage jihadists two months ago, reopened Sunday with a procession and a special penitential mass, RFI reports. The Catholic...

Christian Groups Hail Ruling on N.Ireland’s Abortion Law

Christian groups welcomed a legal ruling that Northern Ireland's abortion laws should be decided by the local government---not by the judges, reports Belfast News Letter. The Court of Appeal in...

Thousands of Catholic Youths Celebrate Faith in Poland

Thousands of young Catholics in Poland and from other countries gathered on June 3, 2018 to celebrate their faith. The 22nd Lednica Youth Meeting is Poland's largest annual meeting of...

Christmas is a Celebration of Diversity–UK Survey

A new research has found that many British households are favoring Christmas traditions from other European countries instead of the old holiday customs, Premier reports. Ancestry spokesperson, Russell James, said...

Kenyan Muslims can Wear Hijab at Christian Schools

According to BBC News, a court in Kenya has ruled that Christian schools may not ban Muslim girls from wearing hijab (headscarf) as part of their uniforms. A church-run school...

Church Leader Asks for Prayers for Greece Wildfires

A church leader in Athens has asked for prayers following the deadly forest wildfires in Greece, which broke out on July 23, 2018. Rev. Canon Leonard Doolan of St. Paul's...

UK Christians Prefer a Different Kind of Halloween

A Christian charity in the UK offers a great alternative to the traditional scary themes of Halloween parties.
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