Muslims Showed Unity with Christians in London

Leaders of London's Muslim community and its members joined their Christian neighbors for a Eucharistic service in St. John on Bethnal Green.

Genocide of Christians in Africa “Dreadful” – Russian Patriarch

Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill said the mass murder of Christians in Africa is "dreadful."

Thousands of New Christians in Brazil

After an 8-day mission in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Louisiana Baptists shared that there is widespread revival in churches, communities, prisons and schools in this South American country.

Christian Olympians Glorify God in Rio

As the 2016 Rio Olympics end, we're amazed by the great prowess these athletes showed in each event. We're reminded that their success was only made possible by our Almighty Creator. Several Olympians put their faith in God before, during, and after competition. Win or lose, these athletes gave their all for the glory of God.

Jamaica to Boost Faith-based Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism in Jamaica seeks a partnership with church groups to develop a policy on faith-based tourism, Christian Today reports. Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett met with faith leaders during the...

Nigerian Christians Return to Rebuild Lives

Christians in Nigeria return to their homes after being displaced by the Islamic insurgent group Boko Haram. Under the alias Isaac, a church worker, told World Watch Monitor that Boko Haram almost...

Usain Bolt Makes Olympic History

Last Friday night, devout Catholic Usain Bolt led the Jamaican team to gold in the 4 X 100-m relay. The fastest man in the world has already won gold in...

Bangladeshi Catholic Editor Flees for the US

A Bangladeshi Catholic editor flee her country for the United States for safety. Sixty-seven year old Rosaline Costa has left her native country amid threats to her life, Christian Daily...

Iraqi Refugees Convert to Christianity

Iraqi soldiers are securing civilians from Fallujah, Iraq who have fled to a refugee town called City of Refuge to escape the threat of the Islamic State. Frontiers USA said...

Chinese Christians Seek Asylum in Czech Republic

At least 60 Chinese Christians fled to the Czech Republic to seek asylum from alleged religious persecutions just as China garners criticisms over human rights abuses, according to The...
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