China Rewards Those Who Report Christians

In another part of a crackdown on Christianity, China now offers bounty to those who snitch on Christians. Authorities will give $1,500 (10,000 yuan)--about two month's worth of salary, to people who report underground churches to the government.

Oldest Christian Communities in Turkey Fear Extinction

The world's oldest Christian communities in Turkey are fighting a legal battle with the government, Al-Monitor reports.

India Bible School Shut Down by Hindu Nationalists

A vacation Bible school in India was forced to suspend its operations on May 1, 2018 after it received threats from suspected Hindu nationalists. Victory and Light Prayer House in...

Africa May Dominate the Christian World by 2060

A recent study suggests that Africa may lead the number of Christians worldwide in the future. According to the projections of Pew Research Center, there will be 727 million Christians living in Africa by 2060.

Iraqi Christians Reveal ISIS Brutality

After government forces reclaimed several Christian villages and towns in northern Iraq, Iraqi Christians have now spoken about the suffering that they experienced while living under the rule of...

1 Million Christians Join the Third Global Hymn Sing

One million Christians around the world joined the third annual "Global Hymn Sing" on February 25, 2018.

India: Church Courts Cannot Veto Divorce Laws

India's Supreme Court said Canon law and decrees of divorce given by ecclesiastical tribunals or "Church Courts" cannot veto the statutory law of divorce, The Hindu reports. Former Attorney General...

Turkey: Congress Members Urge the Release of Christian Pastor

Last October, Pastor Andrew Brunson, 48, was arrested in Turkey after performing missionary work in the country for 23 years. Allegations against him were not revealed until December when prosecutors said an informant alleged that Brunson was a member of an "armed terrorist group," Breitbart reports.

Christian Association of Nigeria Raises Alarm

The South West President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Archbishop Magnus Atilade, called for Christians to unite against plans to eradicate Christianity in Nigeria by making Islam as the country's official religion.

Iraqi Christians Divided on Returning to Mosul

Iraqi and Kurdish forces have been battling to recapture the Islamic State-held metropolis of Mosul. They've been encountering a ring of booby-trapped ghost towns like Bartella, where 30,000 Christians...