In a press release, Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s premier faith and family broadcaster, has announced the launch of its newest international network, TBN Polska, on December 1st. TBN Polska airs Christian television programming throughout Poland 24 hours a day.

“We are thrilled to announce that for the first time individuals and families in Poland now have round-the-clock access to life-changing Christian programming through TBN Polska,” said TBN Chairman Matt Crouch. “We are excited to see how this groundbreaking network will positively impact individuals, families, and communities throughout Poland with the message of hope and grace through Jesus.”

Christianity became a religion in Poland for more than a thousand years. It has played a major role in building the nation’s identity. Romanesque churches, Catholic schools, and several religious orders were developed since the 12th century to cater to the growing demand of a more profound and personalized faith.

However, a communist-ruled government has tried to destroy the Christian faith in Poland and left many Polish people spiritually broken.

Krzysztof Rompa, a Polish pastor and president of TBN Polska laments, “few actually have a personal faith in Jesus Christ. Millions are searching for something that will make a real difference in life.”

About .1 percent of Poland’s population, or 40,000 Polish are born-again, Evangelical Christians. This is the reason why Rompa wanted to bring Christian television to his nation. “We believe television is one of the most powerful tools available to take the message of Jesus’ love to Poland,” he said.

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