Three Christians from Egypt fled their homeland to seek refuge in Cyprus. Maher Elgohary, daughter Dina and friend, Rania, fled their home country following the brutal persecution they had been experiencing because of their faith, Cyprus Mail reports.

Fearing for their lives, they are now staying temporarily in Paphos, Cyprus and are appealing to the president and the public to protect them from radical Muslims.

“Please, (Cypriot authorities) we beg you for your protection and mercy,” Maher pleaded. “We want to have a relaxed life, to start actually living and not to be persecuted for what we believe.”

The three Christians suffered years of persecution because of their Christian faith. A Coptic Christian, Elgohary and his daughter were subjected to physical abuse which they could not escape despite international media attention.

Last month, three men barged into Elgohary’s home and threatened their lives. They forced him and his daughter into holding up signs denouncing their faith and that they have embraced Islam again. Dina said if she wasn’t at home, her father would have refused their demands and would have probably been killed.

“My father did this for me, he protected me, and he always does,” the 22-year-old said.

Elgohary said he converted to Christianity more than two decades ago and has faced years of abuse because of this. His daughter also suffered the same fate.

Rania also experienced being forced to condemn her Christian faith. “They tried to make me convert to Islam, to change my religion and after my husband died, they are trying to make me marry a Muslim,” she said.

The trio are now being helped by a church in Paphos and are seeking employment to support their new lives in Cyprus.

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