A Christian group has launched an appeal urging Christians all over the world to send Bibles to the United Nations’ Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) following its controversial resolution on Jerusalem holy sites, Christian Daily reports.

Last month, UNESCO passed a resolution denying Jewish and Christian connections to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The draft resolution acknowledges the importance of the Old City and its walls for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, but says the Temple Mount is sacred only to Muslims.

Many global leaders and religious organizations expressed dismay over the resolution. Evangelical group International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem (ICEJ) called on believers to flood UNESCO offices with Bibles to prove that the Temple Mount and the Western Wall have biblical significance.

“We are asking Christians all over the globe to take a Bible, use a highlighter and mark some of the many passages where it speaks of ‘Jerusalem’ and the ‘Temple,’ and then mail it to the UNESCO headquarters in Paris,” ICEJ said in its appeal.

According to The National Interest, “Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Qur’an at all and there is no explicit connection between the city and Muhammad’s life.” Early Muslims considered Jerusalem as one of three sacred cities but Muslim interest has fluctuated over the centuries. Politics played an important role in the fall and resurrection of Jerusalem’s significance in Islam.

Jordan’s King Abdullah vows to protect Jerusalem holy sites for Muslims and Christians, The Times of Israel reports. “Jordan will remain at the forefront of defending Arab and Muslim causes and we will continue to uphold our historical duty in safeguarding Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem,” he said in a speech opening his country’s parliament.

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