CBN News reports that Israel is the only safe haven and beacon of hope in the Middle East amid genocide and Islamic persecution against Christians.

During the 11th annual Christians United for Israel conference in Washington D.C. on July 17-18, Israeli Greek Orthodox Priest Gabriel Naddaf said the number of Christians in the Middle East is dwindling due to continuing conflict, bloodshed and Muslim persecution.

Naddaf revealed that, “Today, there is just one country in the Middle East where Christians live in peace and security. In Israel, they have freedom of speech and religion, they can exercise their faith freely, and they have democratic rights.”

He called on Christians in the United States to support Israel’s cause. “Israel is something we need to protect. We need to protect its freedom, we have to protect our home, and we have to protect the cradle of Christianity.”

Father Naddaf is an Israeli Arab and he said there are many other Christian Arabs who, like him, love Israel. He said those who are hunting down Christians in the Middle East also want to destroy the Jewish state. Despite threats against his family, he is committed “to protecting the Jewish state one soldier at a time.”

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