The Ministry of Tourism in Jamaica seeks a partnership with church groups to develop a policy on faith-based tourism, Christian Today reports.

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett met with faith leaders during the 43rd Synod of Worldwide Moravian Church to consult about formulating a policy to attract the faith-based tourism market.

A Travel-Market report said faith-based tourism contributes between US$50 billion and US$100 billion annually to the global economy. Minister Bartlett told the church leaders he also want to tap and promote faith-based tourism in the country.

He said the framework for the faith-based tourism strategy was developed recently not just to invite more visitors to the country, “but because we believe in the mission and we believe that there is great benefit to accrue to our society from the values of Christianity.”

He added, “Our experience has shown that Jamaica is positioning itself as a truly democratic society where freedom of thought and religion is practiced and where Christians feel freer to speak and to practice their faith more than any other place on earth.”

The Minister revealed he wants to target 5 million tourists in 5 years, which he hopes to bring $5 billion for the industry.

“We are excited about the prospects of working with the churches in building out this very important area of tourism and it is going to have more than just the value of bringing visitors here and providing greater earnings for the country,” Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said.

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