Nearly 97% of the population in Greece identifies with the Orthodox church, but most of them are only affiliated with the church in terms of culture and not in conviction. However, Muslim refugees from the Middle East seeking asylum in Greece are slowly reviving Christianity in the country, an article in Desiring God says. 

The refugee crisis is not just an economic turmoil Greece is facing, it also shows God’s glory in wonderful ways. Every day, Muslim refugees are not only coming to Christ, they are also sharing the gospel.

In the article of Christian leader David Crabb, he shares the story of Javad, an Iranian Muslim convert. While living in Iran, Javad first heard the gospel through satellite radio. He didn’t have a Bible and he didn’t know any Christians. When he came to Greece, he had a chance to learn about Christian faith.

“When I came to faith, I knew I could never go back to my family or to Iran, but it’s worth it because I have Jesus,” Javad told Crabb.

Javad is now an evangelist. He goes to the park, refugee camps or coffee shops to share the gospel with other refugees. He revealed that he knows of at least two to three Muslims who converted to Christianity nearly every day since he arrived in 2008.

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Hasib Rimon
Hasib Rimon
1 year ago

Hi I like to convert my religion Can anyone tell me where I can go and convert please help me god bless all of us