A giant replica of Noah’s Ark in The Netherlands broke free of its mooring on January 3, 2018 and crashed into other boats in a Dutch fishing village during a heavy storm.

The VerhalenArk, the 230-foot replica, was docked in the Port of Urk when strong winds sent the vessel adrift and caused significant damage to multiple boats anchored along Ijsselmeer lake, reports World News Religion.

People and animals were on board the floating museum when the disaster happened. Despite the great impact of the boat against the dock, authorities said seven people were rescued and there were no fatalities reported for both humans and animals.

The Mayor of Urk, Pieter van Maaren, tweeted, ‘The damage is quite considerable,’ following the destruction to private properties, port infrastructure and other boats moored in the harbor. However, an owner of one of the small boats in the harbor disclosed that the incident looked much worse than it really was.

Aad Peters, owner of the museum, said the replica ark was securely tied to a boulder, reports RT. “We had fastened it properly as we’re used to storms. I don’t know how it managed to break loose.”

He added that the Bible-themed boat is made of steel that’s why it only incurred minimal damages. Peters expressed concern for the other boats damaged due to the accident.

The huge vessel has been docked in Urk since January. It has been on several tours around Europe for years and this is the first time it experienced this kind of disaster.

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