North Korea is known for its tight-fisted Communist regime and persecution of Christians. It’s easy to assume that Christians in the country are already experiencing hell.

Surprisingly, Reverend Dr Eric Foley, head of Voice of Martyrs Korea, revealed that the door for the gospel is even wider than what many people believe, CBN News reports. Voice of Martyrs Korea is an organization based in Seoul that quietly works to support the North Korean underground church.

“People tend to think about North Korea as a country with a big barbed wire fence around it, where nobody goes in, and nobody comes out,” Dr. Foley told Hope 103.2. “And that’s not a very accurate picture.”

It’s true that Christians in North Korea are harshly treated since the most oppressive regime equates Christianity with terrorism. It is considered “one of the most heinous crimes against the state.” Bibles, churches and prayer meetings are illegal and many Christians have either been executed or forced into concentration camps.

Dr. Foley revealed that these attacks against Christians served as a way for believers to remain strong and creative about sharing their faith. In his book, “These Are The Generations,” Foley disclosed that North Korean Christians can look at each other in the eye and pray as if they were having a conversation.

In North Korea, the official ideology is the worship of the Kim family who are known by titles like ‘Dear Leader’ and ‘Young General’. Foley explained that this is how a North Korean Christian would pray: ‘I’m so thankful that in our country, the Dear Leader watches over us so carefully and shows us such love. I’m so thankful for that, because my brother is really in a lot of pain with his stomach problem, and I know in calling out to the Dear Leader that he will hear my cry and answer, and alleviate that pain’.

Dr. Foley also said that believers in North Korea are not praying for their freedom nor for a change in regime, but rather for their Western brothers and sisters who are tempted by money and material wealth. “They pray for more of Christ and to mirror more of Christ in their life.”

“That’s the problem with you American Christians and South Korean Christians! You have so much, you put your faith in your money and in your freedom. In North Korea we have neither money nor freedom, but we have Christ and we’ve found He’s sufficient,” he added.


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