According to the Prayer Book Society (PBS), over 130 delegates are expected to attend the 23rd annual three-day conference which will be held at Cirencester’s Royal Agricultural University later this month. This is the highest number of attendees so far in the event which takes place from September 20 to 22 every year.

Also, new statistics show that over 260 people became new members of PBS last year, a 40 percent increase compared to the previous year. To date, the total number of PBS members reaches over 3,000. The number of corporate members also increased from 25 to 67 in total.

Cranmer’s Prayer Book, 1552

According to PBS Chairman Prudence Dailey, they are seeing growing interest in their activities among those who are in their 20’s and 30’s. “The Prayer Book is as relevant today as it ever was and increasingly it is being appreciated by young adults.”

PBS is an organization that encourages to rediscover and use Thomas Cranmer’s Book of Common Prayer at the Church of England’s worship. According to one of the ordinands, “It is more than just the beauty of the language of the Prayer Book which appeals to me. I like the fact that it is quite literally a book of common prayer which not only belongs to all people but contains prayers for every stage in their journey through life.”


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