A new report reveals that Christians suffer torture in Communist North Korea. Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a religious liberty activist group, released a report that states, “Documented incidents against Christians include being hung on a cross over a fire, crushed under a steamroller, herded off bridges, and trampled underfoot.”

According to a former North Korean top security agent, Christianity is persecuted because it is related to the United States. The North Korean government considers Christians as spies since Americans attempted to invade the communist country, and spies are executed.

Christians have no other choice but to practice their faith in secret, otherwise, when discovered, they are subject to detention and taken to political prison camps.

One victim of the North Korean gulag who was able to escape a prison camp divulged the horrific experiences and disturbing conditions prisoners suffer in the work camps. He said they were forced to work 16-20 hours a day and grandchildren are punished for the crimes of their grandparents.

“A policy of guilt by association applies, meaning that the relatives of Christians are also detained regardless of whether they share the Christian belief,” the report says.

Meantime, Emily Fuentes with Open Doors USA says, “This report’s talking about some pretty graphic details about the death of some Christians there through hanging and steamrolling. And while Open Doors cannot confirm or deny this particular story, we do know that the persecution of Christians in North Korea is the worst country in the world.”

But, Fuentes maintains that the report reminds us of the plight of North Korean Christians is still real. “With North Korea, I think we’re finding sadly that many things are possible, just like with ISIS. People who have an aversion to the Gospel in such a strong way that they take it out on these believers, it’s horrible to think about.”

Fuentes suggests praying for the persecutors. She said those intercessions matter. “It’s vital that we be lifting our brothers and sisters up in prayer on a daily basis.”


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