After an 8-day mission in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Louisiana Baptists are pleased to share that there is widespread revival in churches, communities, prisons and schools in this South American country, Baptist Press reports.

The Louisiana Baptist Convention said there were a recorded 3,202 salvation decisions following the series of events conducted last July 10-17. The mission included a schedule of crusades, medical ministries and other outreach efforts.

“God did exceedingly above all that we could think or ask,” said Wayne Jenkins, director of evangelism and church growth for LBC. “Even working for the first time with this Brazilian association, the way was smooth in constructing three church buildings in five business days and reaching the number of people who came to know Christ, especially in some difficult areas.”

Jenkins was joined by 60 Louisiana Baptists representing 10 congregations, and another 37 Southern Baptists from Utah, Texas, North Carolina, Florida and California. He revealed that the group plans to return to Belo Horizonte next year to continue the work they’ve started in 2016.

“Belo Horizonte means beautiful horizon,” said Gary Maroney, president of the Louisiana Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists. “We were so blessed to see the spiritual horizon that stretched across that city last week and know that we were used of God to witness such beauty!”

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