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Fourth Lausanne Congress to be Held in Seoul 2024

The fourth Lausanne Movement will be held in Seoul, South Korea on September 2024. Also known as the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, the event will gather thousands of Christian leaders worldwide.

New Research Released on the State of Faith in the UK

A coalition of Christian organizations released a new research on the state of faith and perceptions of Jesus in the UK.

Black and Asian Christians Hold Solidarity Walk in NY

Scores of Christians, religious leaders, activists and community members came together in Chinatown, New York on May 14 and joined "Walk of Faith," a march of support to Asian communities amid heightened anti-Asian violence.

Unexpected Discovery May Shed Light on Early Christians

According to Live Science, archaeologists unearthed on November 16 important Anglo-Saxon cemetery with 81 wooden coffins containing skeletons in England.

The coffins date back to the 7th-9th centuries and were dug up at a previously unknown Anglo-Saxon cemetery in Great Ryburgh in Norfolk, eastern England. A lake and flood defense system was about to be constructed at the site and while archaeologists were inspecting the ground, they excavated rows of graves.

“We had no idea it [the cemetery] was going to be there,” James Fairclough, an archaeologist with the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA), said.

This unexpected discovery suggests that the cemetery served a community of early Christians, Reuters reports. The evidence supporting this theory includes a timber structure which could be a church or chapel and there are wooden grave markers. There are no grave goods which would have been present at pagan burial sites.

“This find is a dramatic example of how new evidence is helping to refine our knowledge of this fascinating period when Christianity and the Church were still developing on the ground,” said Tim Pestell, curator at Norwich Castle Museum in Norfolk, where the finds from the dig will be kept.

Duncan Wilson, chief executive of Historic England, the organization that funded the excavation, stated that, “These rare and exceptionally well-preserved graves are a significant discovery which will advance our understanding of Middle-Saxon religious beliefs and rural communities.”

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